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Photoshop for Textiles Webinar Series
8 Sessions | 12 hrs | Ellen Oster & Jason McConnell

This intensive Photoshop for Textiles and Surface design webinar series will walk you through everything you will need to know to use Photoshop as a powerful textile design tool. Included are the following sessions:

• Introduction and Settings: We will make sure everyone is familiar with the Photoshop interface, tools you will need to use for textile design, layers, selections, color modes, and settings you will need to be aware of when designing so that you dont introduce extra colors to your artwork.

• Image Preparation and filters: This session will give you tips on scanning, photomerge, filter tricks to help remove fabric textures, cropping and straightening, puppet warp, curves and level adjustments and much more to help make color reduction and cleanup much easier.

• Color Reduction and Cleanup and Colorways: This session will walk you through reducing the colors in your artwork so you can send it off for printing. We will cover several different tips to reduce colors including threshold and indexing, removing stray points, selection tricks and we will also cover different ways to recolor your artwork.

• Seamless Repeats: Learn how to create plain and simple half drop repeats using various methods. Also included are smart objects, clone stamp tools, pattern swatches, layer styles and much more.

• Advanced Tonal and Watercolor Reduction: Learn all of the pro tips used to help color reduce complex images like tonal and watercolor. You will learn tricks to smooth chunky edges, airbrushing tricks, colorizing, gradient mapping and more. You must have basic knowledge of Photoshop for Textile design to take this Advanced class.

• Stripes and Plaids: Learn how to create weave structures, stripes and plaids. Also included is an intro to some excellent online resources for plaids and stripes.

• Textures and Mapping: Learn how to take the prints and plaids you have made and add texture to make them look even more realistic. We will cover blending modes, puppet warp, masking and texturizer. We will also cover the use of brushes for embroidery and sequins.

Cost: $399 for the series or $75 per webinar if purchased separately

* We will be using Photoshop CC during the webinar. For those with older versions do not worry, most everything we will cover applies to all versions as far back as CS and we will make note of the few exceptions where features are only available in newer versions.

* Sessions will be 90+ minutes each (please sign on 15 minutes ahead of time to ensure everyone is connected and ready to go on time)

* A broadband internet connection is a must

* A headset such as a Microsoft LX 3000 ($30) is recommended though your laptop or desktop speakers and mic may suffice

* Recordings will be available for 2 weeks after each session

* Exercise files and shortcuts cheat sheet will be provided so you can work along with us.

NOTE: Pricing is for pre-scheduled workshops only. Private / Custom training prices are slightly higher but have the benefit of being on your schedule, at your location, customized to the topics that you wish to cover, and are private for you and your team. Please contact us for pricing.

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