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Illustrator for Fashion Brushes Webinar
1 Session | 1.5 hrs | Jason McConnell

Illustrator brushes are powerful tools that can be used in fashion for stitches, trims, embellishments and other design details. We will walk you through loading and using existing Brush libraries, creating your own brushes from the 5 different types of brushes, colorizing brushes and saving libraries.

As always there will be plenty of time for Q/A and if you have examples of brushes you are trying to create or problems you are running into feel free to bring them along so we can work with them in class.

All attendees will receive a free Fashion Brush library with 50 brushes to get you started.

Have some elements you would like to make into brushes? Bring them along and we will make them in class.

**A recording of the webinar will be made available to all attendees.

• Introduction to Brushes
Learn how to load existing brush libraries, apply brushes to your artwork, resize, and change brush options.

• 5 different brush types
There are 5 different brush types in Illustrator including Calligraphic, Scatter, Bristle, Art and Pattern brushes with each one having different applications for sketching. We will cover several examples for each brush type so you know which one to choose for your brushes.

• Colorize brushes
Colorizing brushes is a powerful option that allows you to create a single brush and apply it with different colors simply by changing the stroke color of your paths. We will help explain the different colorization types and when you will use one colorization type over another.

• Libraries
The best part of brushes is that you can save and share them as libraries. We will cover a couple of different ways to save your libraries as well as other little tips like making them open every time you open up illustrator.

• Illustrator CC Brushes
Illustrator CC introduced a couple of enhancements to brushes which are fantastic for fashion including auto corners and you can now use raster images in brushes.

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