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Advanced Illustrator Sketching Webinar
2 Sessions | 3 hrs | Jason McConnell

This class is focused on all of the little tips and tricks that advanced users use to make great sketches and make them faster.

Along with great tips and tricks to create trims, stitching, ribbing and other elements, we emphasize the use of reusable Templates and Libraries and good sketch construction.

Finally there are several new features and tools that have been introduced to Illustrator since CS5 that are very applicable for fashion and are great to have in your toolbox of tricks.

The following are some of the topics we will be covering over 2 sessions:

- Advanced Tool tips (Pen, Pencil, Shape Builder, Width Tool, Reshape Tool)
- Advanced sketching techniques
- Tricks for ribbing, binding, aligned stitches and other elements
- Graphic Styles
- Introduction to Libraries
- New Adobe CC features for fashion
- Q/A

- Recap of Session 1
- Symmetrical Flat Sketching (reflecting and joining)
- Brush, Symbol and Swatch libraries
- Sketching Templates
- Tips for Filling bodies
- Shading tips
- Q/A and more

**A recording of the sessions will be made available after class for review and for those who cannot make the sessions. Access to the Live webinar and the recordings is restricted to those who register for the class.**

NOTE: Pricing is for pre-scheduled workshops only. Private / Custom training prices are slightly higher but have the benefit of being on your schedule, at your location, customized to the topics that you wish to cover, and are private to you and your team. Please contact us for pricing.

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