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Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Intermediate Workshop
4 Sessions | 12 hrs | Jason McConnell

What is the Adobe Illustrator for Fashion: Intermediate Workshop?

Our Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Intermediate Workshop is a live, in-person, hands-on workshop designed to get those who have beginner Illustrator skills to another level of efficiency and productivity.

Who is this class for?

Anyone who has beginner Illustrator knowledge and wants to become more efficient using the program and learn more advanced techniques.

What you’ll learn

Over the course of 4 classes we’ll walk you through: Intermediate Flat Sketching techniques, fashion brushes, symbols and graphic styles.

We’ll also be covering the Pattern feature, Recolor Artwork, Live Paint and Live Trace for those who need to create artwork and patterns.

Finally, we will ensure that you understand how to create and use CC Libraries and Template files, which will allow you and anyone you collaborate with to become a lot more efficient.

There is ample time to cover the material, plus we work with each student on their own specific topic requests and files.

How you’ll learn?

This class is taught with a mix of lecture and hands-on exercises. You’ll have ample time to practice the material; as well as, one on one time with the instructor. We are happy to help students between sessions with their homework assignments and it is highly recommend all students take the time to practice in between sessions!

What is included with the class?

Class includes a Lesson plan, Exercises, Sketching Template, Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet, Fashion Brushes Library, Fashion Graphic Styles Library and a Free Goodie Download of your choice from the Goodies page.

What are the topics that are covered?

Day 1: Flat Sketching and Brushes
• Intermediate Flat sketching Tips n tricks
• Trims and Embellishments
• Shape Builder and Pathfinder
• Filling flats with color
• Brushes, Graphic Styles, Symbols and Swatches

Day 2: Pattern Repeats and Colorways
• Pattern Repeats feature
• Recolor Artwork
• Image Trace
• Live Paint
• Appearance panel
• Textures

Day 3: Libraries, Templates and Speed up tips
• Traditional and CC Libraries
• Templates
• Keyboard Shortcuts
• Custom Workspaces
• Custome Toolbars

Day 4:
• Recap
• Student Specific Projects
• Preview of Advanced Topics
• QA

Who is the trainer?

Class is taught by Fashion Classroom founder and Illustrator guru Jason McConnell. Jason has over 17 years of experience in the industry as a CAD designer, Consultant and Adobe for Fashion trainer.

Odds and Ends

MAC laptops are provided. Feel free to bring your own laptop if you like. Note that the program is nearly identical on both the MAC and Windows platforms.

We will be training on Illustrator CC. If you are bringing your own laptop make sure you are updated to the latest version of Illustrator or sign up for a free 30-day trial of Adobe CC from the website.

How much is the course?

The course is just $449 ($399 if you sign up early).

NOTE: Pricing is for pre-scheduled workshops only. Private / Custom training prices are slightly higher but have the benefit of being on your schedule, at your location, customized to the topics that you wish to cover, and are private to you and your team. Please contact us for pricing 800-507-5617 and ask for Meir or Jason.

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