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Adobe for Footwear Bootcamp
1 Session | 4 hrs | Jason McConnell

In this intensive Bootcamp class you will learn how to use both Illustrator and Photoshop to sketch and create realistic renderings of your footwear designs. We will be covering sketching tips, filling your sketches with patterns and textures and finally adding the little shadow and highlight details that will make your sketches look real.

Everyone who attends will receive a handy shortcuts cheat sheet and free textures that will help your shoe (fashion and accessories) sketches look more realistic.

Topics covered:
• Advanced Illustrator sketching tips
Learn lots of time saving tricks with the Pen tool, Pencil and other tools that will speed up your sketching. Also covered are various sketching techniques used to create the closed shapes needed for proper sketching.

• Pattern Brushes
Learn how to create Pattern Brushes that will produce more realisitc stitches.

• Seamless patterns in Photoshop
Learn how to use Photoshop to create simple seamless repeats for your texture patterns. Whether you scan in your own textures or find textures online that arent in repeat this is a helpful tip to create good looking textures.

• Filling flats
There are several helpful tips for filling flats in Illustrator and we will be covering the Magic Wand, Isolation Mode, Live Color, Appearance Panel and more.

• Blending modes
Blending modes are key to creating the textures, highlights and shadows needed to make your sketches look more realistic in both Illustrator and Photoshop. We will cover the ones you are going to use the most.

• Gradients and Gradient Mesh
Gradient and Gradient mesh tools are great for creating highlights and shadows in your sketches. We will make sure you know how to harness the power of the dreaded Gradient Mesh tool.

• Illustrator Effects
There are several Illustrator effects we will cover to enhance our sketches including: drop shadows, glows, blurs, and even texturizer.

• Photoshop final touches
Finally we will enter Photoshop and complete our sketching with airbrush touchups, layer effects and more.

Intermediate knowledge of Illustrator Sketching and Photoshop is highly recommended for this advanced class.

NOTE: Pricing is for pre-scheduled workshops only. Private / Custom training prices are slightly higher but have the benefit of being on your schedule, at your location, customized to the topics that you wish to cover, and are private to you and your team. Please contact us for pricing.

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