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3D Design and Printing for Accessories - Intro to Rhino CAD
3 Sessions | 5 hrs | Lily Su

Intro to Accessories Hardware Production with a focus on Rhino CAD Modeling and 3D Printing

Are you interested in customizing accessories hardware for your fashion line? Need a custom clasp as a statement piece for a handbag, or a stylish fastener for that coat?

In this class I'm going to get you started by going through an overview of the production process of accessories hardware, with a focus on conceptualizing your idea using the 3D program Rhino and prototyping via 3D printing.

I will teach you all the techniques, tips and tricks I wish I knew as a beginner learning Rhino 3D. This class will not only provide a foundation for working with Rhino, it will get you started on the path to asking the right questions when it comes to accessories hardware production.

This class is broken down into 3 sessions including: A Free introduction session "Intro to 3D Printing Seminar" and 2 x 2hr workshop sessions.

Prerequisites: Mastery with Illustrator preferred, experience with Illustrator required.

Learn by doing: We will be learning Rhino 3D through creating a simple zipper thumb-pull.

  • Getting Started. We'll walk through setting up your workspace, and common workflows that are helpful for your efficiency. We will also go basic computational logic behind Rhino for future troubleshooting.
  • 2D We'll go over how to create, edit and arrange 2D lines, using various snapping tools to confirm precision.
  • 3D Geometries We'll then dive into creating surfaces using the same processes we used creating in 2D with awareness of the position of the construction plane.
  • Solidifying for Production And finally, we'll cover essentials on exporting to an .stl file for production.

NOTE: Pricing is for pre-scheduled workshops only. Private / Custom training prices are slightly higher but have the benefit of being on your schedule, at your location, customized to the topics that you wish to cover, and are private to you and your team. Please contact us for pricing.

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