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Tip of the Week: for tiny PDF's
By Jason McConnell on Oct, 20 2016

One of my favorite online services to use for converting or compressing PDF’s is This super easy and FREE online service allows you to upload your pdf’s and it will magically (yes I said magically) spit out high quality, teeny tiny compressed PDF’s that you can download.

I have tried many methods on my own, including: adjusting PDF settings, the Reduce file size option and even converting postscript files in Distiller, but nothing comes close to what can do.

The free service allows you to upload and compress 2 PDF’s per hour, but if you need to do more, for just $6/mo ($4/mo annual) they offer a Premium service that lets you upload and convert as many files as you like.

Add to that the ability to convert PDF’s to Excel, PPT, or word, Merge PDF’s and even unlock PDF’s and you have yourself a realllllly useful service!