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Tip of the Week: How to Reset Adobe Applications
By Jason McConnell on Oct, 27 2016

Reset Photoshop

I don’t know about you, but my Adobe apps get a little wonky from time to time, where things stop working the way they should. Deleting the Settings file is a simple way to reset the programs and will often times fix the problems you are having.

Easy Settings Reset for MAC and Windows

To reset your settings for Photoshop, simply launch it and immediately press and hold Cmd+Opt+Shift during launch (Ctrl-Alt-Shift on Windows). Photoshop will display a window asking you to Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file so click on Yes.

You may find the appearance of your interface changes and a few other minor things but you wont lose things such as Actions or Workspaces.

You can reset Illustrator the same way, just know that you wont get a window asking you to delete the settings file, it’ll just delete it.

If problems still persist we can clear things out further, so check out the below steps.

In-depth Settings Reset for MAC


Make sure to quit your Adobe programs before proceeding…

From the Finder, go to the Go menu and choose Go to Folder ... type in ~/Library/ and click Go.

library folder

Inside the Library folder, move the following items to the trash (or a separate folder on the desktop if you want to save things like color settings, workspaces and keyboard shortcuts to put back later).

  • /Users//Library/Application Support/Adobe
  • /Users//Library/Caches/Adobe
  • /Users//Library/Caches/com.adobe.*
  • /Users//Library/Preferences/Adobe *all Adobe folders of apps you would like to reset
  • /Users//Library/Preferences/com.adobe.xxxx.plist *all com.adobe plist files

The next time you open your Adobe apps they will be reset to Factory defaults and typically that will fully resolve any issues that may have popped up over time.

Thats all for this Tip of the Week, thanks for visiting. -J