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By Randolph Gentile on Feb, 13 2017

If you work in Fashion, you no doubt have come across tech packs, which are informative documents that you create to communicate with a manufacturer all the necessary components needed to construct a product. allows you to easily collaborate with other designers and your factories, creating seamless product development. Track your changes as you go, and collaborate via email with your team members and your factories around the world. Assign due dates, schedule reminders and easily refer back to any previous version of your tech pack.

The first thing I noticed was the sites clean design.  It’s easy to navigate and create your tech pack from sketch to materials to measurements.

techpacker clean design

At the core of the sites design are “cards”, which you can use for logos, stitches, materials and measurements. The ‘drag and drop’ (.ai, .pdf, .png and .jpeg) feature makes is super easy.

Techpacker Cards

You can even favorite a card (maybe it’s a zipper or material you often use) and use it on other tech packs.

When you’re ready to share your tech pack you have multiple options at your fingertips. Send the techpack via email with a team member and collaborate via, send/create a PDF, or print it out on paper the old fashioned way.

Techpacker Commenting

It’s a free to use for individuals allowing you to create up to 30 tech packs per month. Or connect with up to 15 team members for reasonable rates.

Techpacker is a great solution to smooth out your techpacking process from creation to approval. I highly suggest checking out their website and service.

Techpack export