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Adobe CC (2014) Installation by Sew Heidi
By Sew Heidi on Jul, 3 2014

I was really excited to update Illustrator CC to Illustrator CC 2014 and play around with all of the new features (specifically those to the Pen Tool).

But after updating via the Creative Cloud application and ensuring everything was “Up to date”, I launched AI CC only to find that none of the new features were working, leaving me to wonder if there was a setting I had missed to get the new features.

I stepped away from my computer for a bit (it was close to midnight so I thought perhaps I was just tired and missing something simple). A while later I poked around my Applications folder and discovered that there was a new install of Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 next to the old Adobe Illustrator CC folder .....aha!  It was a whole new install (I’ve heard this also referred to as a parallel install) - not just an update to my current install of AI CC.

Once I launched AI CC 2014, the new Pen Tool and all of the other new features were now available!

Perhaps some of you glided right through this and didn’t get stuck where I did, but I’m sure there are others who will get tripped up by this, so below i’ve outlined the steps you’ll want to take when updating to AI CC 2014.

Adobe CC 2014 Image

Step 1: Launch Creative Cloud

From a Mac you’ll see the Creative Cloud icon in your menu bar or you can do a search for it using spotlight. (on Windows you should see Creative Cloud in your Start Screen or Start Menu).

Launch creative cloud

Click on Apps.

Click on apps from creative cloud app

Make sure Illustrator (or any other app you want to update) is “Up to Date”.  If it’s not “Up to Date” go ahead and click “Update”.  Mine took about 20-30 minutes to complete (this will vary based on the speed of your internet connection).

Step 2: Add the new Adobe CC 2014 icons to your dock

Next, find your Applications folder in your dock (if you don’t have it in your dock, there are alternative instructions below). 

Go to your applications folder

If you don’t have an Applications folder in the dock, click on the Go menu from the Finder and choose Applications.

Go to the Applications folder

You’ll now see two Adobe Illustrator CC folders including the new one which has (2014) appended to it (and maybe more if you still have earlier versions installed).

You will see 2 Adobe Illustrator CC folders

Open the Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 folder.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 folder

Grab the Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 application and drag it into your Dock to create a shortcut.

Add Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 to your dock

Now you can launch Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 from the dock to make sure it works. You’ll see this screen when AI CC 2014 launches:

Adobe Illustrator 2014 launch screen

Step 3: Remove the old Adobe CC Application and Dock icons

The following steps are only necessary if you want to free up space on your computer and remove the older Adobe programs. You can keep the older programs on your computer if you have enough hard drive space.

I only want to use the newer Adobe CC 2014 programs, so I’ll remove the old Adobe CC icons from the Dock by right clicking on them and choosing Options > Remove from Dock.  If you don’t have right click set up on your mouse or track pad, you’ll need to hold Ctrl and click.

Remove the old Adobe Illustrator CC icon from your dock

I’m now left with just one icon for each of the Adobe CC 2014 programs.

Adobe Illustrator CC icons in the dock

Note that AI CC is still installed.  Removing it from the dock simply removes the shortcut from the dock. 

If you wish to actually uninstall the earlier versions, open the Applications folder again.

Go to the Applications folder again

Open the old Adobe Illustrator CC folder (not the Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 folder).

Open the Adobe Illustrator CC folder

Once inside, double click Uninstall Adobe Illustrator CC.

Open the Uninstall Adobe Illustrator CC shortcut

When prompted, click the Uninstall button and after you enter an Administrators username and password the uninstall will commence.

Uninstall Adobe Illustrator CC

That’s all for this tutorial, thanks for reading and please share with friends!.

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